I Offer A Variety
Of Services

What can I offer?

Psycho-Educational Assessments and Concession/Accommodation Assessments

My Psycho-Educational Assessments provide a comprehensive understanding of your child’s cognitive, emotional, and educational functioning. With a series of tests, observations, and interviews, I’ll uncover your child’s unique strengths and identify any learning barriers, ensuring they receive the support they need to thrive.


In my psychotherapy sessions, your child will find a nurturing space to explore their inner world. We’ll work together to understand their thoughts, feelings, and experiences, helping them develop coping strategies for emotional growth and well-being.

Play Therapy and Sandplay Therapy

Through Play Therapy, your child can express and understand their emotions using toys and creative activities in a safe environment. Sandplay Therapy offers a unique, non-verbal way for them to communicate deeper feelings, aiding in their emotional and therapeutic growth.

Parent Guidance

I offer Parent Guidance to support you in understanding and nurturing your child’s emotional
and educational needs, fostering a loving and supportive home environment

Special Needs Support

My Special Needs Support service includes tailored assessments, interventions, and ongoing assistance for children with diverse abilities, ensuring they receive the dedicated care and support they deserve.

Infant Mental Health

Focusing on infants and young children, this service emphasizes the importance of early experiences and relationships in emotional and mental development, while also supporting parents in nurturing a secure and responsive bond with their little ones.

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